Quebec’s ice hotel

This is a little thing that I wanted to share and it is called Quebec’s ice hotel. (which is like the same as the information under the pictures)

The reason I want to show this to you is because I did this when I was in 4-H in 2012. We had to do a speech that had to be 2 minutes long on whatever we wanted to. In school we had to do research on a province  in Canada, I picked Quebec. So when I was looking up my province,  I came across this ice hotel


In Quebec there is an ice hotel. It was first built on New Year’s Day 2001 and it melts every year. It is only opened for 4 months of the year. It cost $425,000 to build and $125,000 comes from the government. It is located 20 minutes from Quebec City. The cost to stay there is $200 per night/per person. There are 85 rooms. There is only one floor. The walls are 4 feet thick and the ceiling is 5 meters high.

They have nice colored lights in the rooms like red, green, blue and purple. Their beds are like mattress on ice. It is deer fir covering the mattress. They have comforters but the frame is made out of ice.  The furniture is made of ice as well. There are no doors but you have curtains for privacy. There is even an ice bar, a church, a movie theater, and outdoor hot tubs and a sauna. The washrooms are in their own heated structure. There is no ice.

I hope you found this interesting. Thank you for your time.

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  1. I’ve heard about this place it sounds super interesting. I would love to stay there for an ice but I can’t imagine the beds would be very comfortable if they’re made out of ice. Thanks for sharing this very interesting topic. I think many people would like to read about this.

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