Iraq in a Nutshell

In Iraq ISIS it taking over towns and villages. ISIS is a religious extremist group. Iraq just had a war and got a new leader in power. They were rebuilding their military

As I run from an ISIS solder I trip over a log and he comes in for the kill just then he was hit by a stray bullet. He went down hard he fell on me. His gun went flying and I grabbed it. I took all of his ammo, knife, lighter, and face bandana. I started to run away.

After I got a fair distance from my home town, I put on the face bandana and got on my way again.

It started to get dark. I went hunting, I saw a rabbit and lined it up I shot and hit him. Then I got him and started a fire. After that I went to sleep, I am going to need it for tomorrow. I heard a gun go off and a bunch of people walking my way. I got up slowly and grabbed my gun.

I started to run, but the ISIS shoulders heard me and they started to shoot at me. Then a bullet hit me in the chest and I went down hard.


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2 thoughts on “Iraq in a Nutshell

  1. Hey my name is wade and i really like your blog its really interesting. this blog is my favorite blog out of all of yours. You have really good grammar. i like how your story’s about Isis and wars because i’m really interested in wars and things like this.

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