Dichotomas Key

What types of organisms can be classified?


All of them can from the ones just found to the ones that are extinct. The groups are   Animals, Plants, Archaebacteria (ancient bacteria), Eudacteria (true bacteria in both groups Archaebacteria and Eudacteria contains one cell bacteria), Protists (mostly algae), Fungi (mushrooms and lichens).

How are organisms classified?


By using a dichotomous key, which is like a big flow chart with the group of animals, plants, Archaebacteria, Eudacteria, Protists, Fungi. The following list is some of the questions that they might use for classifying an organism into its proper group:


Does it make its own food?

Does it have hair (or fur)?

Is living?

How does it populate its kind?

How does it populate?

Does it eat or drink?

Is it a plant?

Is it an animal?

Is it fungi?

Is it an Archaebacteria?

Is it a Eudacteria?

Is it Protists?

How is a dichotomas key used to classify an organism?


It is used like a flow chart. You look at the organism, then you look at the flow chart, then you answer the questions (listed around the middle). They then follow the flow chart to try to make out what group the organism goes into.