Night In The Robot Hotel- (Not) A True Story

First things first… this is not a real story at all but it has real life places the robot hotel is a real place and is in Japan. If you like a good story then read on.


Hi my name is Riley.R and I am the one that is in the story and the one who wrote this short story.

As I walk in to the robot hotel (Chem-Na hotel). I went to check in but there was no “humans” that spoke English. I asked around till someone said the raptor was the one that could speak English. Wow I thought that raptors could only speak dino. 🙂 The dino took the picture, he said something about it was for you room, to get in or something, but I was not paying attention the robots where so cool.

The dino asked if I had any value bulls. I said “YES”. He told me where to put them. There was this robot in a glass dome with safe boxes in it. I put my stuff in the box it brought down for me, then it put the box back from where it took it, from.

I put my stuff on a trolley, the trolley asked for my room number, I punched it in, then the trolley when racing off. I followed the trolley, is etched to a stop right in front of my room. I looked at the nob wondering, where is this face scan thingy. HOTEL ROBOT FDD

I remember the raptor took a picture of me. Then it caught the corner of my eye. It was a long black strip with a camera and “scan” button. I pressed the “scan” button stood in front of the camera, the door opened almost instantly. The room was small but, cool.

It look like this.


I went to sleep but it was hard to there was this thing looking at me all night. THE ENDHELLO KITTY ROBOT HOTEL


*Answer the following questions using the role you were given in class.

  1. Explain what your role is (who you are).A. I was a first nation. My role is…  pic a side the metis, Canadian government or America.
    1. What concerns does your character have?
      1. Umm… I will dye of pokes or s


    2. \
    3. omething else, We have no trees nor animals to hunt (they were driven out when the trees where taken)
      1. What does your person want have lots trees to have the animals back to live in Pease lots of food, for every one
    4. What do you think they should do? Why?
  2. As in the roll play (or after the roll play) the first nations (that’s me) had joined America. The reason we did not join the metes is… that the metis did not what to join up. The reason we did not join up with Canada is… the made a treaty and then ripped it up in front of us. (good we did not sign it) so now you know why we joined the America

Social Studies Critical Thinking Response Rubric

Name:    Riley                                                            Date:   Jan 6 2015
Knowledge and Understanding The assignment shows very little understanding of the concepts from   class.  A basic form of learning is   shown with little to no personal understanding shared in the written work. JJJJJJ


The writing shows very strong understanding of the concepts covered   in the lesson.  The students not only   shares the facts from class but also shows understanding by using original   wording and examples.
Research and communication The assignment only reflects the facts shared in class and little   effort has been given to share the writers personal thoughts. JJJJJ The assignment shows strong evidence of research of the facts covered   in class.  The facts from class are not   only represented but are also added to through personal written sharing.
Critical Thinking and Citizenship The assignment does not show evidence of personal consideration.  The student needs to think about how the   event affects the people involved and the world around it in order to gain a   greater understanding. JJJJJJ



The assignment shows great evidence that the student has personally considered   the concepts of the assignment.  This   likely includes sharing different viewpoints, discussing relationships, what   if’s, examples, suggestions for the future, and more.


       unknown /12